3 Reasons Why You Should Buy LED Commercial Greenhouse Grow Lights

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy LED Commercial Greenhouse Grow Lights

Installing agri-grow lights is the perfect solution to the problem of insufficient sunlight in a greenhouse, particularly if the greenhouse is being used to grow plants for vertical and commercial operations. The winter months in Canada can be quite extreme and most parts of the country can sometimes go without seeing the sun for weeks at a stretch. Such lack of sunlight is dangerous for the plants in the greenhouse. Not only does it slow down or stop their need photoperiod, but it could result in the death of the plants altogether. Commercial LED agri-grow lights are designed to produce light of the same spectrum that the plants can use to make their food and grow. 

There are many types of commercial greenhouse growing lights that are available on the market and this can make choosing the right one quite confusing for people who are doing so for the first time. While the more experienced gardeners might be more comfortable using predeceasing technologies such as HIDs, or High intensity lights, those that are newer to the whole gardening experience would be much safer with LED grow lights for their general well being of Family. Although LED grow lights are still the newest of the commercial grow lights on the market, they have also proven to be among the best due to the numerous advantages that gardeners can enjoy when they use them. Below are three of the most important reasons why installing some of the LED grow lights for sale in Canada might be the best idea for your commercial greenhouse.



  • LED grow lights are great for young plants since they encourage and accelerate the growing phase of the plants. Of course, this will depend on the type of LED light that you choose to install, and more specifically the colour of that light. Research has shown that grow lights within the blue spectrum are the best for the vegetative growing phase of the plants and that makes them ideal for very young seedlings. You can install grow lights of different colour spectrums to match the specific phase of each life cycle, from their germination, vegetation, pre-flowering and flowering to maturity for harvest.
  • LED agri-grow lights do not have a heat signature, meaning that they will not heat up the air around the plants. This is important because it helps the plants to conserve water prevents the medium from drying or evaporating quickly. Other grow lights, such as the HIDs for instance, will usually generate some heat and gardeners who use them must account for that heat by compensating for the resulting loss of moisture by watering the plants more frequently.
  • Compared to other types of grow lights, LED agri-grow lights are less costly in the long run. A good passive-heat-deign will promise longevity and sustainability of colour uniformity and spectral output, therefore they are the most cost-effective option available. This is made possible by the fact that the lights are diodes on a circuit board therefore they consume very little energy leading to lower electricity bills at the end of the day compared to what you would have to afford monthly when using High Intensity Discharge solutions.

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