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PRISM EGX7 LED Indoor Growlight
PRISM | EGX7 Agri-Grow Light comes ready with App based, Cloud Controlled Software that enables the user to fully adjust spectrum, intensity and timer controls for all stages of Plant Life – seed to harvest. The ‘Original’ Emerson Effect Powerful...
SABER I EGX3 T5 Ballast Compatible Grow Tube
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Create “Your Own Combination” EmersonGrow EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube technology has many advantages over conventional light sources for photosynthesis and morphology of plant research. The cost effectiveness of us...
SABER-P Integrated Connectable T5 Tube
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 SABER-P Integrated Connectable T5 Tube - Introducing the newest Canadian breakthrough design and technology.The linkable Male & Female socket design offers seamless connection between multiple tubes. Flexible cable c...
THOR EGX5 Commercial Grow Light
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COMING SOON... Ideal for mass-production commercial growing High photon efficiency Internal driver design, easy installation IP65 Waterproof Linkable & Dimmable Design Pre-Recipe for vegetative and flowering Specifications Download Spe...
Grow Tent
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The perfect accessory to your growing routine.