PRISM EGX7 LED Indoor Growlight (Pre-Order)

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PRISM EGX7 LED Indoor Growlight (Pre-Order)

PRISM EGX7 LED Indoor Growlight (Pre-Order)

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$699.00 $799.00 saving $100.00

PRISM | EGX7 Agri-Grow Light comes ready with App based, Cloud Controlled Software that enables the user to fully adjust spectrum, intensity and timer controls for all stages of Plant Life – seed to harvest.

  • The ‘Original’ Emerson Effect
  • Powerful UV Integration
  • Laser Integration
  • Consume Less Energy and Save Costs
  • Customize Your Own ‘Recipe of Light’ with App Integration
  • The World’s First Built In Light Recipe Store
  • Product and System are Patent Protected Globally

Prism is the only stand-alone digital LED SMART grow light that is ready for your Home with Family. PRISM I EGX7 coverage area is 4′ x 4′. Small & Medium enterprises are able to run multiple environments all in one place seamlessly. No matter the crop type or life stage, users Create I Share & Grow well with ‘Your Recipes of Light’.  Native to the App is a pre-defined EmersonGrow Lighting routine that advances the production of photosynthesis for food, Flowers and more!