SABER | EGX3 LED Ballast Compatible Grow Tube

SABER | EGX3 LED Ballast Compatible Grow Tube

SABER | EGX3 LED Ballast Compatible Grow Tube

Create “Your Own Combination”

EmersonGrow EGX3 | LED Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube technology has many advantages over conventional light sources for photosynthesis and morphology of plant research. The cost-effectiveness of using LEDs in commercial vertical tissue culture (TC) and transplant production is on the rise, Fresher is better!

EGX3 LED Vertical Farming & Hydroponic Grow Tubes are the most cost-effective option for research, development and production.

  • Works with most popular electronic ballasts (ballast compatible)
  • Ideal for Vertical farming and hydroponic growing
  • Replaces existing fluorescent T5 lamps without any additional wiring
  • Meets and exceeds the output of hybrid fluorescents
  • Provides exceptional growth while offering massive reduction in energy consumption
  • Sustains a long life, reducing the needs for maintenance costs;
  • Increases yield for tissue culture (TC), urban farming, vertical farming and commercial facilities
  • High conversion efficiency
  • With PC structure – can be used in damp location environments

It is time to reap the benefits and reliability of Premium quality LED technologies. EmersonGrow tech is the most cost-effective solution, now!


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